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Hananim by Andy Jo: a workshop
A Respectable Wedding
Pancake Day
Promenade in Concert
A Respectable Wedding
Liberian Girl in Brooklyn
Corporations are More Humans Than You

About Britt

Britt Berke is an NYC-based director who loves to develop, doctor, and dissect. Her work investigates how love, power, and femininity are intertwined and revolutionized. She uses delight and spectacle as tools to examine trauma and intimacy. She workshops and nourishes new plays and musicals, and revitalizes the traditional notions of revivals.

Recent directing credits include Round Room (Origin Theatre's 1st Irish Festival), Pancake Day (November Theatre), Liberian Girl in Brooklyn (Mabou Mines), and Promenade in concert (The Public Theater's The Rest I Make Up Marathon). 

Britt is an alumna of the Manhattan Theatre Club Directing Fellowship, SDC and NAMT Directing Observerships, and 24 Hour Plays: Nationals. She is currently a Teaching Artist with NCo Creations, a Finalist of the Civilians Research & Development Group, and the Assistant to Lileana Blain-Cruz. 

She is the Co-Founder of November Theatre Collective, a transatlantic theatre company that tells stories of love, friendship, and identity. She works regularly with Torn Out Theater (The Naked Shakespeare Company), and Object Collection (a maximalist, experimental collective).

Britt is proud to hold assistant directing and observing credits with JoAnne Akalaitis, Lileana Blain-Cruz, Tamilla Woodard, Gabriel Vega Weissman, Portia Krieger, Katherine Wilkinson, Alice Reagan, Shannon Sindelar, Pitr Strait, and Kara Feely. She has interned with WP Theater, TDR: The Drama Review, and Theatre Communications Group.

Britt graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College of Columbia University with a theatre major, English minor, directing concentration and departmental honors. She was one of two Barnard students to complete the selective Senior Thesis in Directing in 2018. She directed Bertolt Brecht's early one-act comedy, A Respectable Wedding, with an aim to re-radicalize Brecht's theories to investigate feminism within the institution of compulsory relationships. Britt received the Barnard Theatre Department's only Departmental Award: the Kenneth Janes Prize in Theatre for Outstanding Intellectual and Artistic Achievement.

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